Second part of Escape Tales series of board games
Board Game Illustrations

Below you can see a couple of my illustration for the second part of Escape Tales series. It is a board game with plenty of cards based on the idea of the escape game. There is a lot of locations, puzzles and riddles and, unlike the most popular escape rooms - no time limit. Once again, I had a pleasure of illustrating numerous cards for this game. I hope you enjoy it!
This game has a totally different graphic universe, as well as the story. There is, however, the same mechanics and several "cameos" that makes it a series. It was great to challenge myself with a completely different style comparing to the first part (The Awakening). 
Creators: Bartosz Idzikowski, Jakub Caban (LockMe)
Game Illustrations: Magdalena Klepacz (Clepatch)
Cover Illustration: Jakub Fajtanowski
DTP: Pawel Niziolek
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