First part of Escape Tales series of board games
Board game illustrations
These are several illustrations from the game I was working on.
Escape Tales is a series of board games that imitate the escape room experience. Each of them is full of riddles, word-plays and puzzles invented by the creators from LockMe. Overall, I created 149 illustrated cards and a board.
The game has already been translated into 12 languages and is available across the world. I hope you like it and you'll check this out !
Each location in the game has it's own dominating color so that you could distinguish them easily. Apart from the location cards, you receive some zoom cards and items along the way that help you solve the puzzles.
Creators: Bartosz Idzikowski, Jakub Caban (LockMe)
Publisher: Board&Dice
Game Illustrations: Magdalena Klepacz (Clepatch)
Cover Illustration: Jakbub Fajtanowski
DTP: Pawel Niziolek
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